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    Patrick Barbeau Directing music video director

    Patrick Barbeau's entrepreneurial journey started at a very young age – when he was 10, he sold chocolate after school for extra pocket money. The third day in, he figured out how to make $50+ per day (which was an insane amount at the time for the age) while still selling the same amount of chocolates.

    Fast-forward to 2009, Patrick got involved with Montreal’s local tech community and worked on multiple web startups, including RateMyFights, DestinyMatches, BuildingAStartup, and PitchStartup.

    It was in creating BuildingAStartup – a web series that followed Patrick’s progress in building one of his startup websites – where he had his first taste of filming and editing, and he has been hooked ever since.

    In 2012, Patrick started a project by the name of The Luchador Life, where he learned to film, direct, act, and edit. Little did he know that it would attract 1,500 followers and garner 350,000 views in just 6 months. He then joined VentureCapTV as Executive Producer, and directed, produced, and edited over 60 episodes in his first year with them. Today, Patrick is still happily with VentureCapTV as their Co-Founder and Production Director.

    Also in 2012, Patrick co-founded Studio Du Plateau – a photography and video studio in the heart of downtown Montreal – where he does freelance filming and video production. In addition, he co-founded a production company, BlueLight Films, where he writes, directs, acts, films, and edits projects.

    Patrick’s current projects include writing, directing, and acting in short films, working out like crazy to reach 200lbs, and just being awesome in general.

  • The Director

    Patrick Barbeau Raquel Pearl Voyce* Breathe Again Music Video
    Sol Flamingo Preview
    Patrick Barbeau Wyclef Jean Imposs RealCity Music Video

    The Actor

    Anonymous Short Film
    Raquel Pearl music video breathe again
    Patrick Barbeau luchador
    Patrick Barbeau beat2beat music video

    The Producer

    The Editor

    Just Dance 2014 Louis Cote XIII Commercial
    Patrick Barbeau wyclef jean imposs realcity music video
    Patrick Barbeau

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    Patrick Barbeau directing filmmaking production realcity montreal wyclef jean imposs music video
    Patrick Barbeau beat2beat music video
    Patrick Barbeau realcity montreal wyclef jean imposs music video
  • Acting CV

    Patrick Barbeau

    Location: Montreal
    Height: 5'10 (178CM)
    Weight: 210lbs
    Body Type: Muscular
    Playing Age: 24 - 38 years
    Role Types: Eastern European, Mediterranean, Latin, White
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Hair Length: Short
    Voice Character: Enthusiastic, Serious
    Voice Quality: Deep, Radio Voice
    Spoken Languages: English, French, Spanish


    Patrick Barbeau
    Patrick Barbeau
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    Patrick Barbeau

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